Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the SWEETEST cure for egg allergy

Greek physicians say that the best way to desentize kids with allergy to eggs is to let them eat cakes.

Heat modifies certain egg allergens and, in turn, allows some children with egg allergies to be "treated" by feeding them ever increasing amounts of egg baked in a cake, Dr. George N. Konstantinou and colleagues, at the University of Athens report.

This approach was used among 94 young children with food allergy. The kids underwent 6 months of desensitization and showed that 90% of the subjects were able to tolerate eggs baked in the cake.

Each of the child started with 0.1 gram of cake containing 0.63 mg egg protein. The following doses were tripled from the previous amount until they were able to consume one and a half gram of egg protein.

However, this approach is still under study. If you have any children at home with a known food allergy, they should be treated under the supervision of their physicians.

During the 6-months study, only 7 children still had itching, eczema, or more severe reactions to the baked egg challenge.

The investigators then gave a whole egg to the 87 children who did not react to baked eggs and only 4 reacted with itching or eczema.

These findings suggest that consuming small quantities of baked egg antigen might alter the natural course of egg allergy.

souce: Reuters Health

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