Monday, August 18, 2008

Babies, unlimited

A 27-year old Egyptian woman, on her 36th AOG, gave birth to septuplets last Saturday in Al-Shatbi hospital in Egypt's coastal city of Alexandria.

The newborns, four boys and three girls, weigh between 3.2 pounds and 6.17 pounds and are in stable condition. They have been placed in incubators in four hospitals that have special premature baby units.

Meanwhile, the mother of the septuplets, Ghazala Khamis, was also in a stable condition following a Caesarean section and was transfused with blood thereafter due to bleeding.

The septuplets is said to be a product of fertility drugs
which Khamis took in the hopes of having a son. Aside from the septuplets, Khamis is already a mother of three girls.

Initial check-up done by the doctor reveals no deformities or incomplete organs.

Furthermore, the septuplets will receive free milk and diapers until the age of two, according to Egypt Health Minister.

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