Monday, August 11, 2008


I regularly check other medical and nursing blogs for ideas, inspiration, and sometimes, out of plain curiosity.

I stumbled upon this blog: About A Nurse, and as i was browsing, a certain post caught my eyes. By the way, the blog writer is a Kababayan of mine, and i was deeply moved by her experiences in a foreign country. Geez. it was really illuminating. I even cried while reading her post, mainly for two reasons: one, i feel her pain and frustrations and all the hardships she had to endure (and will endure) just for the sake of keeping her job and providing a good life for her two kids. two, because i know that i would be experiencing the same horrors of living half the world away from family and friends who accept me as i am.

Don't get me wrong, i would rather stay here surrounded by all the people who adore me. But really, $160 salary/month is not really worth all the 16 hours shift per day and the 1:30 nurse-patient ratio. No matter how much i work my ass off, it wont give my parents a better life. and my younger sibling would not be able to finish college.
They are all expecting that i would land a job in a greener pasture so that everything will be better. I want it too, for my future. However, after reading the post, i asked myself if i'm prepared for all this. and i just can't give a concrete answer that soothes my soul.

to stay, and live a poverty-stricken life.
or not to stay, but have a lonely life.

why the world has bestowed upon me life's cruelest joke is beyond my ken.

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may said...


first of all, thanks for dropping by my blog.

i hope you don't get discouraged because of my whiny post. if you have time, you can browse through all my posts and you will see there are good times too. of course, most of the times, the complaints end up in the blog because it's my therapy.

just like many who are here from all over the world, you will adapt and you will survive.

my kids are here with me. they were born here. one more reason why i have to stay here. wherever we are, there will be difficulties. we just have to figure out a way to go around it.

i am not saying you should definitely leave the country to come here, what i'm saying is, if you already decided, don't let some of my negative experiences stop you from trying out a new experience.

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