Saturday, August 30, 2008

Freaky Nurse

Have you ever had a friend, who was your friend not becasue you really jive together, but because you had no choice? Like you work and study in the same places and at the same shifts?

Well, i'll tell you about this friend of mine.
One night during our boring night shifts (there were only 5 patients in the hospital, all are stable and sleeping), this friend of mine left his bag lying open in one of the tables in the Nurse's Station. My gay friend, in the act of putting his bag to another table, accidentally saw a medical certificate and a box of Dapsone on my friend's bag. The medical certificate says that he has Leprosy, a mild form of Leprosy.

Boy, when he told me and a couple of friends about this, we were all speechless. You see, contrary to popular belief, leprosy is not highly contagious--yes that's true.. but anyhow, being a mycobacterium as well, it is transmitted via droplet infection.

And what really freaks me out is that he REFUSES to open up to us, so that means that if my gay friend had never accidentally found his supply of dapsone, we would never know about his condition.

You see, it's not about the disease. We don't really care that he has leprosy, because he would always be our friend, and nothing would change with the way we interact with him. Actually, it's about honesty and sense of care for your colleagues. If you know that you have a disease, which is communicable, don't you think that those people around you (CLOSE people around you) have the right to know?

It pisses me off because he would often use our utensils, and would even take a bite off our sandwich or drink from our bottled drinks all the time. Its like he wanted us to acquire the disease too.

Is that what you call a conscientious nurse?
I think not.

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