Saturday, August 30, 2008

all in a nurse's day

boy, it is really tough to be a nurse. Especially when you get to handle 10 patients in a shift, two of which are in acute biologic crisis.

this morning I handled this patient who was diagnosed of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Community-Acquired Pneumonia, and Cerebro Vascular Accident (CVA).

clearly, he isn't in good condition.

He doesn't respond well to verbal stimulus and it takes a lot of pain to elicit response from him.
I had to suction his secretions every 2 hours or so (his secretions are so damn tenacious) , give him his IV meds, feed him thru NGT, administer mannitol and watch his BP carefully, turning every two hours, vital signs every hour, intake and output every hour, as well as other nursing care every hour or so. and that's for just one patient.

It was a bone-weary shift.Indeed.

Anyway, my brother (22 years old) was confined to the hospital just last night. He has fever for two weeks now and a non resolving cough. During those two weeks he consulted with a doctor in a nearby private clinic who doesn't seem to know what he's doing. To tell you the truth he doesn't even believe my brother when he said that he has fever for almost two weeks now. Geez. I often wonder if he's really a doctor, or just the janitor of the clinic wearing a white blazer?

So my brother sought medical attention in a private hospital. He underwent series of X-rays (twice in just one week) and sputum test. His X-ray suggests pneumonia, but since his X-rays are vague, he was advised to undergo CT Scan (Computerized Tomography).

I don't' know his condition right now because sadly, i haven't the time to visit him yet, and I'm really worried.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

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