Tuesday, January 13, 2009

of the grandma i would never see again, of twilight fever and the board exam fright

I've been way too busy these past few months, so i hope you would forgive me for not updating.

with all the subjects I'm taking and the nursing audit classes putting a toll on my too-human energy, i just couldn't ask my brain cells to work way overtime and write anything for me to post.

much happened to me these past four months:

first, my maternal grandmother, the one who has lung cancer, passed away last November 24. She died due to peritonitis, a complication. (remember she just had her chemotherapy, and her WBCs are down, so she was really in a very delicate state). I cried so much for a few days and even up to now, there's still this gnawing pain i feel whenever i remember her. My aunt consoled me at the wake and told me that "at least she's no longer in pain now." i know she's right. but still i'm selfish enough to wish that she's still here with us. I guess it's because i never really had the chance to tell her that I love her. Because all the time she was having her therapy, i kept on telling myself she would survive and in the end i really believed she really would, that i didn't see the need to tell her goodbye and that i loved her.

twilight fever had become a pandemic. And i'm one of those inflicted with it. haha. But hey i think the ones who portrayed the Cullens in the movie really did well. The twilight books are evaporating so fast from ALL the bookstores, i was even surprised to see that the little bookstore near our house was jampacked with people buying twilight series, when in all of its existence, its customers never did exceeded five at a time. hmm.
and anywhere i go, there are people carrying, buying or reading the books: malls, trains, even on the bus and on the playground!

so what am i doing right now?
i'm watching the days flew by waiting. tick-tock-tick-tock.
waiting for me to graduate, get my nursing pin, start my review classes (im really confused where i should take my review for the board exam. there are like hundreds of review centers and they all seem the same to me), take and TOP the board exam (that's the spirit, right?).

and then, what? I-REALLY-REALLY-DONT-KNOW.
i guess i'll handle things one day at a time huh?=D


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