Thursday, June 19, 2008

cancer genes, anyone?

my maternal grandmother, in her early 60s, suddenly developed fever and cough.
she was brought to a provincial hospital.
Routine examinations reveal atelectasis and a "very white/cloudy" upper lungs.
more diagnostic exams reveal lung CA stage 4.
it has invaded her kidneys too. she was never a smoker.
she does not even visit the city where air pollution is at its peak.
she does mountain climbing almost everyday for the last 2 decades.
she was as strong as a bull.
now she's as fragile as a thread.

her sister died of breast CA.
her nephew of leukemia.
cancer is running wildly in her blood.
bloody hell.

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rightclickers said...

henii!! great idea! I hope you succeed! Love you.. Mwaahhh

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