Sunday, May 3, 2009

I want it so bad i can taste it

have you ever wished for something so hard and soo bad?
Have you ever hated your wall calendar before because it makes you feel like it's a silent bomb, ticking away your precious days?

welcome to the club.

This june 6th and 7th i would be sitting through an anxiety-ladden, mind-boggling major examinations that would determine my career as an RN. it's a big step in my life--my Nurse Licensure Exams.
Honestly I am sOooo not prepared for it. i have, like 34 days to go, and here i am, STARING at my nursing books, waiting some divine intervention. How on earth am i supposed to read, memorize, master all the crazy nursing subjects that we have?

and hey, to think that the exams do have lucrative questions like:
What is the secret of a woman who ages gracefully?
and the choices are like: healthy lifestyle, supportive family, etc.


i guess i just have to pray hard huh?
and start browsing through my books. wahai.
wish me luck.
wish me ALL the luck.


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